July 3, 2017

Our Heritage

Scouting has been active in Groveland for more than 76 years. In February, 1928, a committee was formed to start a Boy Scout Troop in Groveland. That committee included Dr. Elmer Bagnall, Rev. Frank Crook, and Stanley Ladd.

The Troop was given the Lone Tree Council number of 87, but was locally know as Troop 1. The unit started with Forrest Demeritt as Scoutmaster, Ralph Spofford as Assistant Scoutmaster, and the Groveland Congregational Church sponsored the Troop.

For a few years during World War II, the Troop became inactive. Following the war, the Troop was re-activated with Kenneth Bilodeau as the Scoutmaster. The American Legion Post in Groveland sponsored Troop 87 for a few years, and then the Troop was sponsored once again by the Groveland Congregational Church in the late 1950′s. Chalmers Allison became the Scoutmaster for many years, with Richard Clapp as the Assistant Scoutmaster.